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How to Apply for a SOLIDWORKS Design Team Sponsorship
Interested teams should complete short online sponsorship application. Within five business days, the team will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to download the software. The sponsorship application can be found at:


I am currently an enrolled student I would like SOLIDWORKS for personal educational purposes only. 
Interested in getting a student educaitonal copy of SOLIDWORKS for personal use in your home? Click on the student card and send us your information and we will get SOLIDWORKS to you! freestudentdownload


Personal Licences:
Each member of design team will receive a personal license of the SOLIDWORKS Student Edition.

Which includes:

  • SOLIDWORKS Premium (3D CAD software)
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium (FEA tools)
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, Electronics Cooling Module and HVAC module (CFD tools)
  • SOLIDWORKS Motion (kinematics analysis)
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium (part and mold filling analysis)
  • SOLIDWORKS Sustainability (environmental impact tools)
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional (electrical systems design tools)
  • SOLIDWORKS Model Base Definition (define, organize, and publish 3D PMI)
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, Visualize Boost (develop rich, photo quality content)
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer (technical documentation tools)*
  • MySolidWorks for Students (resource for all things SOLIDWORKS)
  • SOLIDWORKS Certified Associate Exam—each member of your team may take the CSWA-Academic exam free of charge.
    *Available in certain regions, please contact your local reseller.


Learning Resources:

  • Over 100 tutorials built right into SOLIDWORKS software
  • Over 600 tutorials
  • 25 YouTube™ videos in the SOLIDWORKS tutorial playlist, and thousands of videos on the internet
  • Parts Library at
  • Build their project design portfolios to stand out in the classroom and in the job market